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Quinta-feira, 29 de Abril de 2010
Samantha Spring..."one of the prettiest teen stars of current times"



Samantha Spring won the "So you think you can dance" show with her enchanting pair, Mario Raviola, a cuban dancer.

She has been chosen by Hollywood's Teen Star's Academy as one of the most promissing teen stars of current times.

Her list of participations and character's interpretating in movies is getting longer and longer with the time...

We have to admit...Samantha's wonderful and calls our attention! Everyone's attention! Her "fame" list goes to around this corners:

          « Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Kingdom of Heaven - as Aria d'Aratole   »

        « Harry Potter and Azkaban's Prisioner - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - as Erendil Rivendell   »

           - still not in cinemas: the last movie of Harry Potter's Saga - as Erendil Rivendell

          « Mirrors and ilusions - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « The end is the beggining - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « The beggining of the end - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

           - still not in cinemas: "The rebelion" (written by Sophie Oclamine) - as Rosalie March

                    « The Secret Brotherhood - as Jasmine Rivendell (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « Truth, nightmare or paranoy - as Samantha Reese   »

          « A night in Beverly Hills - as Emily Evans (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « La famille Sarangossa - as Natasha Danov (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »


Her incredible interpreations of multiple characters have received the best comments from producers and critics from all the world.

Horatio Caine - one of the most known cinema critics of the world - came to an interview where he talked about our dear Samantha.


Interviewers - Mr. Caine, what can you tell us about Samantha Spring?

H. C. - Well, Samantha's a young actress, but she is already extremely famous and, besides, a really good person. She has recently been telling us that she's considering a break in cinema to work with african felines, north american wolves and indian tigers. She also told us that is her biggest dream to live in Africa..."My Africa" is, actually, one of her favourite movies.

Interviewers - In your opinion, what is her best interpretation?

H. C. - I don't think we can talk about the best or the worst. In my opinion, all of Samantha Spring's interpretations were simply amazing, but perhaps I can tell you a bit about my evaluations.

In "Kingdom of Heaven" Samantha had to interpretate a character from far-gone Jerusalem and medieval girl. She did it brilliantely, let me say, and that was clearly one of the biggest challenges to her. "Truth, nightmare or paranoy" was also grate: her true feer would make us all screem out-loud when she had to run or to fight for her survival. But all the others are extraordinary. In Harry Potter's Saga, as Erendil Rivendell, she did an excellent job. Erendil is a character that make us feel the real magic. She is so in-love with Draco Malfoy, but - at the same time - so confuse with herself for being in-love with a future Death Eater that she could probably fall from reazon. However, she stays grately sain and she helps Harry, Ron and Hermione with her strength. The "Crystal, Ice and Fire Cycle" is simply...well, I think I cannot tell anything about it. Sophie Oclamine is amazing, someone from another world. Her work is...indescritible. Even so, it is my opinion that Samantha Spring interpretated the character of Rosalie March with an incredible effect, making everyone believe in a story that happens in TV's.

"A night in Beverly Hills" is almost the same thing. "The Secret Brotherhood" is another example of her perfection, but "La famille Sarangossa" is - probably - my favourite, as like as a novel as like as a movie. It is an enchanting true story, and I heard that Samantha was chosen to interpretate Maggie Reunolds in the sequel of this movie, "Racial Conflict number 342". She would be working with Jade Yorker, a partner from "La famille Sarangossa", with who she really liked to work with.


Besides from this impossible-to-finish list of fame, Samantha has already played unforgeateble roles in two known seasons of the USA:


          « OC - Orange County - as Ria Gold   »


          « In Harper's Island - as Samantha Ariston   »


There are no douts about this anymore: Samantha Spring is one of the most promissing stars of current times...isn't she?



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