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Quinta-feira, 29 de Abril de 2010
Top 1 in Teen Star Magazine



Samantha Spring was chosen as Top 1 in Teen Star Magazine. She is now graduating in Biology and Ethology and she plans to go study the felines of Africa, the north-american wolves and the indian tigers, and to make her biggest dream come true: go live in the african continent.

We decided to interview her about some aspects of her star life...hoping that she will not leave us now that she is so amazingly brilliant in TV.


Interviewers - What do you want to do of your life in a near future?

Samantha Spring - I'm still not certain, but I intended to go to Africa for a wile. However, I have many things that convinces me to stay for a longer period. I'm thinking about mooving in another time. Now that I am having such good results in me movie career, I would prefer to stay here until there is nothing left to hold me back from going.

Interviewers - And I am sure that your fans will be very happy with this wonderful new. Now, tell us: what are you expecting of "Ancestral feers, the mith of werewolves"?

Samantha Spring - It's absolutely terrible! It is so scary that I already played with the producer telling him that I will have to see a physocologist after playing the role of the poor Mary Wellington. More than that, I played with Danny Elfman when I told him to keep the volum of music down...or I will run off from the sets.

Interviewers - What are your interests in boys right now, Samantha? Can you tell us?

Samantha Spring - My personal life's aspects are personal, thank you. But I can tell you that "Ancestral feers" will be a grate sucess.

Interviewers - So we hope...Anyway, are you planning to play more roles in other movies for soon...?

Samantha Spring - I can not say, altought I may tell you that it is going to be a surprise...quite soon...to all grate movie's fans. That I can sware to you.

Interviewers - And with this we close our little interview.


We don't know what Samantha's playing with, but we're sure that she will always bring us pleasant surprises.

Stay still to read more of our gossip sweet fruits...at any moment!!! For now, we leave you with this incredible muse, garanteeing that "Ancestral feers, the mith of werewolves" will be a wonderful movie to see at night...

More than that, we can only hope that the charming couple - Samantha Spring and Tom Felton - work together as the beautiful pair they always are, now when the both of them are again going to be in-love with each other.


For more information, reed the brief resume for the next most terrorizing movie of the decade almost already in cinemas:


Ancestral Feers, the mith of werewolves...

Mary Wellington lives in London and she is a calm girl from a rich family, the perfect bride in her white dress, playing the piano and watching over the window to make sure, in full-moon's nights, that werewolves are far from her house...

One day, she meets the adventurer, the young and brave Simon Wesley, who will take her to the forests and show her how many adventures she can have in a world of mistery and charms.

One night they decide to go camping and they don't realize that it is full-moon's...! An appearantly simple error will take them to the most terrorizing adventure of their lifes...in the middle of werewolves, dark forests and pale moons...





What does Tom Felton tell us about this? Let's know...with his comments about the seductive "Ancestral Feers"...


Tom Felton - Simon is a character who lives from adventure. When he meets Mary, he falls in-love with her and then he already has two more important things in his life: love and adventure. But the two of them together will take him almost to his death...his and Mary's, wich makes him think that it has to be a separation between the life he had before knowing Mary and the new one. The only problem is that he doesn't want to separate the both - to end one of them - but he has to do it, after all the terror with the werewolves in the dark forest and a little village in three full-moons nights, so he does something that I think no-one could be waiting for...he has to leave something...and he will. And love and adventure will break out, and we will leave one of them behind.


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Gangsters Drive-by kills Hollywood Star




 This terrible happening remembers us that the danger is still outside. Jade Yorker was killed in a driveby yesterday morning. Apperantly, the killers were his ex-friends from a gang he belonged to before having eighteen years old...This makes many questions grow about Yorker's dark past.
And - counting with his undenayable abcence from "Racial Conflict Number 342", a sequel of "La famille Sarangossa" (where Yorker played the role of Dean Sands, member of a new york's gang) - the producers had to find a substitute, that will be Derek Luke (who became a famous star after playing the role of Antwone Fisher in the first movie made by Denzel Washington, "Antwone Fisher").

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Buzz on Twilight Saga's sets





Is it possible? Right now, when we thought Samantha Spring was satisfied with the gorgeous (or attractive, beautiful, charming...) Tom Felton, a buzz grows inside the sets of Twilight's Saga new movie - almost ready to go out on cinemas -, "Eclipse".

According to our source, Samantha Spring and Taylor Lautner - who worked together in "La famille Sarangossa", interpretating the young and totally in-love couple of Natasha Danov and Jacob Hernandez, showing total professionalism in their kisses' pratice - never stopped to play in the sets, making the camera-men start and restart over many scenes from the movie.

Spring had gone to the Twilight's Saga preparation sets and studios to substitute Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Cullen") who had a cold and couldn't go to the studio.

She had to make a lot of things - changes in her look - and she even said that she didn't like to look like Nikki Reed, because she didn't like her look.

Taylor Lautner - the teenage wolf or the boy from the vampires - said that she was incredibly pretty or even sexy, wich makes us think...

Can there be some kind of chemics between the both of them?...

It is certain that they didn't stop playing. Their childish behaviour even angried Kristen Stewart, who told Taylor Lautner that he was playing the role of a child to call the attention of a simply nice girl. The both of them are currently not talking to each other.

The mistery behind the acts of Spring and Lautner is undenayably seductive...

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La famille Sarangossa...one of the biggest successes in cinemas
"La famille Sarangossa" got out in cinemas with 100% sucess. It is the sad but beautiful story of five young teenagers from New York City who played together everyday in their childhood until they understood their past and future were strangely mixed.
Their family's posicion in society, their origins, even their parent's jobs will stop them from being together, and will test them in a cruel or even brutal way.
And when some of them try to fight the unfair and struggle to survive in a world they come to know when they enter in adolescence, others simply live their lifes, allowing their destiny to rull them.
Although it isn't based on a true story, it relates the daily life of many teenagers in north american tows, trying to remember us that the oportunity to change is in our hands. This is one of the oldest works of the new most aclamed writer of Europe, Sophie Oclamine.
Being a grate novel doesn't mean that this work is going to be a grate movie. Never the less, it couldn't be less with the extraordinary stars that interpretate the five primary characters of Natasha Danov, Jacob Hernandez, Peter Morris, Rafael Ahdout and Dean Sands.
Here they are...one of the most kewt teams of young actors in a movie of sucess:







And they are: Samantha Spring, Taylor Lautner, Rafael Ahdout, Jade Yorker and Adam Brody.

 Here we have a few comments about the actors, telling us how it was to work together.


Adam Brody - Working with the others was grate. It was fun, it was a new experience, although I had already worked with Samantha Spring in OC, Orange County, when she played the role of Ria Gold.


Interviewers: What did you think about working, again, with Samantha?

Adam Brody - It's very nice. She's a grate actress and an uncomunly kind one - I have to confess...But yeah, it was awsome.


Samantha Spring - Working with Adam was amazing in OC and again in this movie. He is so humurous that is almost impossible to not laugh in certain scenes, specially the sad ones, when he has the terrible tendency (sorry, Adam, by this little critic...) to start making it seem ridiculous. But it is always funtastic.


Interviewerst to Taylor Lautner - How was it to work with Samantha Spring? What did you think when it was told to you that you were going to be her boyfriend?

Taylor Lautner - Samantha's really nice. When they first told me I had to be her boyfriend in the movie, I thought: "wow, look how lucky I am to have her as my girlfriend". It was a wonderful experience and I hope we can work together more often or in other movies.


Jade Yorker - I really liked to work with all of them, and I hope Samantha's called to play the role of Maggie Reynolds in the sequel of this movie.

Interviewers - Is that because you're falling in-love with her...hahaha?

J. Y. - Obviously not...but she is a charming actress and we're good friends.


Rafael Ahdout - "La famille Sarangossa" was probably one of the best movies I ever worked in.



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Samantha Spring..."one of the prettiest teen stars of current times"



Samantha Spring won the "So you think you can dance" show with her enchanting pair, Mario Raviola, a cuban dancer.

She has been chosen by Hollywood's Teen Star's Academy as one of the most promissing teen stars of current times.

Her list of participations and character's interpretating in movies is getting longer and longer with the time...

We have to admit...Samantha's wonderful and calls our attention! Everyone's attention! Her "fame" list goes to around this corners:

          « Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Kingdom of Heaven - as Aria d'Aratole   »

        « Harry Potter and Azkaban's Prisioner - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - as Erendil Rivendell   »

          « Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - as Erendil Rivendell   »

           - still not in cinemas: the last movie of Harry Potter's Saga - as Erendil Rivendell

          « Mirrors and ilusions - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « The end is the beggining - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « The beggining of the end - as Rosalie March (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

           - still not in cinemas: "The rebelion" (written by Sophie Oclamine) - as Rosalie March

                    « The Secret Brotherhood - as Jasmine Rivendell (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « Truth, nightmare or paranoy - as Samantha Reese   »

          « A night in Beverly Hills - as Emily Evans (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »

          « La famille Sarangossa - as Natasha Danov (the novel by Sophie Oclamine)   »


Her incredible interpreations of multiple characters have received the best comments from producers and critics from all the world.

Horatio Caine - one of the most known cinema critics of the world - came to an interview where he talked about our dear Samantha.


Interviewers - Mr. Caine, what can you tell us about Samantha Spring?

H. C. - Well, Samantha's a young actress, but she is already extremely famous and, besides, a really good person. She has recently been telling us that she's considering a break in cinema to work with african felines, north american wolves and indian tigers. She also told us that is her biggest dream to live in Africa..."My Africa" is, actually, one of her favourite movies.

Interviewers - In your opinion, what is her best interpretation?

H. C. - I don't think we can talk about the best or the worst. In my opinion, all of Samantha Spring's interpretations were simply amazing, but perhaps I can tell you a bit about my evaluations.

In "Kingdom of Heaven" Samantha had to interpretate a character from far-gone Jerusalem and medieval girl. She did it brilliantely, let me say, and that was clearly one of the biggest challenges to her. "Truth, nightmare or paranoy" was also grate: her true feer would make us all screem out-loud when she had to run or to fight for her survival. But all the others are extraordinary. In Harry Potter's Saga, as Erendil Rivendell, she did an excellent job. Erendil is a character that make us feel the real magic. She is so in-love with Draco Malfoy, but - at the same time - so confuse with herself for being in-love with a future Death Eater that she could probably fall from reazon. However, she stays grately sain and she helps Harry, Ron and Hermione with her strength. The "Crystal, Ice and Fire Cycle" is simply...well, I think I cannot tell anything about it. Sophie Oclamine is amazing, someone from another world. Her work is...indescritible. Even so, it is my opinion that Samantha Spring interpretated the character of Rosalie March with an incredible effect, making everyone believe in a story that happens in TV's.

"A night in Beverly Hills" is almost the same thing. "The Secret Brotherhood" is another example of her perfection, but "La famille Sarangossa" is - probably - my favourite, as like as a novel as like as a movie. It is an enchanting true story, and I heard that Samantha was chosen to interpretate Maggie Reunolds in the sequel of this movie, "Racial Conflict number 342". She would be working with Jade Yorker, a partner from "La famille Sarangossa", with who she really liked to work with.


Besides from this impossible-to-finish list of fame, Samantha has already played unforgeateble roles in two known seasons of the USA:


          « OC - Orange County - as Ria Gold   »


          « In Harper's Island - as Samantha Ariston   »


There are no douts about this anymore: Samantha Spring is one of the most promissing stars of current times...isn't she?



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Tom and Samantha...or Draco and Erendil?




Everyone knows the magic behind the not-so-far-away past of Samantha Spring and Tom Felton.

They knew each other in the amazing Saga of Harry Potter, chosen to interpretate the characters of Erendil Rivendell and Draco Malfoy, the mistyc couple.

It is obviously full of mistery and seduction, when the both of them have to face their own deamons...

However, even being the darkest ones - wich doesn't mean that Rivendell's a dark character - they show their love to each other, through a few battles and struggles. It is clear that - being one of Harry Potter's best friends and being the only daughter of Sirius Black and a witch who was killed by the terrible Death Eaters of Lord Voldemort - Erendil shouldn't fall in-love with Draco Malfoy. In fact, she herself feels confuse when stars understanding she falled in-love with the son of a Death Eater, the appearantly meanest student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.

Following the incredible story of Harry, Ron and Hermione, Erendil and Draco's love between each other is an opportunity to inlight some douts about the shadows.

And finally...in the wonderful movie "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince"...they finally share a kiss.

With the disapearing of Draco Malfoy and the Erendil Rivendell's goodbye, it's impossible to know how the story between the both of them is going to continue.

Biggest fans are waiting for the newest and last movie of the Saga. Questions about Harry Potter - and also about Erendil and Draco - will get their answers there.

But the lovely story between the two characters of this story is far to end out of the screens.

Since the first movie that actors Samantha Spring - certainly one of the most beautiful Teen Stars of current times - and the attractive Tom Felton have been showing interest in each other.

Last months they have been seen together, going out and amusing theirselves in dinners and parties all around Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

 Together in the movies...together in reality. This is the truth about Samantha Spring and Tom Felton...or should we say Erendil Rivendell and Draco Malfoy?


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