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Quinta-feira, 29 de Abril de 2010
Top 1 in Teen Star Magazine



Samantha Spring was chosen as Top 1 in Teen Star Magazine. She is now graduating in Biology and Ethology and she plans to go study the felines of Africa, the north-american wolves and the indian tigers, and to make her biggest dream come true: go live in the african continent.

We decided to interview her about some aspects of her star life...hoping that she will not leave us now that she is so amazingly brilliant in TV.


Interviewers - What do you want to do of your life in a near future?

Samantha Spring - I'm still not certain, but I intended to go to Africa for a wile. However, I have many things that convinces me to stay for a longer period. I'm thinking about mooving in another time. Now that I am having such good results in me movie career, I would prefer to stay here until there is nothing left to hold me back from going.

Interviewers - And I am sure that your fans will be very happy with this wonderful new. Now, tell us: what are you expecting of "Ancestral feers, the mith of werewolves"?

Samantha Spring - It's absolutely terrible! It is so scary that I already played with the producer telling him that I will have to see a physocologist after playing the role of the poor Mary Wellington. More than that, I played with Danny Elfman when I told him to keep the volum of music down...or I will run off from the sets.

Interviewers - What are your interests in boys right now, Samantha? Can you tell us?

Samantha Spring - My personal life's aspects are personal, thank you. But I can tell you that "Ancestral feers" will be a grate sucess.

Interviewers - So we hope...Anyway, are you planning to play more roles in other movies for soon...?

Samantha Spring - I can not say, altought I may tell you that it is going to be a surprise...quite soon...to all grate movie's fans. That I can sware to you.

Interviewers - And with this we close our little interview.


We don't know what Samantha's playing with, but we're sure that she will always bring us pleasant surprises.

Stay still to read more of our gossip sweet fruits...at any moment!!! For now, we leave you with this incredible muse, garanteeing that "Ancestral feers, the mith of werewolves" will be a wonderful movie to see at night...

More than that, we can only hope that the charming couple - Samantha Spring and Tom Felton - work together as the beautiful pair they always are, now when the both of them are again going to be in-love with each other.


For more information, reed the brief resume for the next most terrorizing movie of the decade almost already in cinemas:


Ancestral Feers, the mith of werewolves...

Mary Wellington lives in London and she is a calm girl from a rich family, the perfect bride in her white dress, playing the piano and watching over the window to make sure, in full-moon's nights, that werewolves are far from her house...

One day, she meets the adventurer, the young and brave Simon Wesley, who will take her to the forests and show her how many adventures she can have in a world of mistery and charms.

One night they decide to go camping and they don't realize that it is full-moon's...! An appearantly simple error will take them to the most terrorizing adventure of their lifes...in the middle of werewolves, dark forests and pale moons...





What does Tom Felton tell us about this? Let's know...with his comments about the seductive "Ancestral Feers"...


Tom Felton - Simon is a character who lives from adventure. When he meets Mary, he falls in-love with her and then he already has two more important things in his life: love and adventure. But the two of them together will take him almost to his death...his and Mary's, wich makes him think that it has to be a separation between the life he had before knowing Mary and the new one. The only problem is that he doesn't want to separate the both - to end one of them - but he has to do it, after all the terror with the werewolves in the dark forest and a little village in three full-moons nights, so he does something that I think no-one could be waiting for...he has to leave something...and he will. And love and adventure will break out, and we will leave one of them behind.


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